Analysis of factors that influence efficiency of CNC engraving machine

by:Transon     2020-04-20
Influence of CNC engraving machine working efficiency are two important indexes of processing speed and feed rate ( Also called the step distance or turning) Movement refers to the cutting tool processing: processing speed, General is 4 ~ 15 m/rain) , depending on the size of the knife shaft power, the hardness of lumber, cutting depth and the diameter of the cutting tool; The feed speed is refers to the intermittent movement of each trip distance ( As a general rule, be 0. 05 ~ 0. 5毫米) , depending on the complexity of the cutter diameter, carve patterns or designs on woodwork and sculpture surface accuracy requirement. Generally speaking, the cutting tool type and diameter should be to choose according to line thicknesses and complexity of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, cutter diameter is smaller, the tip of the end of carving work can adapt to the complex, but the efficiency will be lower. Cutting tool is selected, the knife shaft power, wood hardness is lower, the greater the cutting depth is more shallow processing speed can be improved; While the feed rate, the greater the one-time carved milling amount, the greater the processing efficiency is high, but the workpiece surface is rough, the greater the subsequent sanding operation workload. CNC carving is mainly by the small diameter cutter along a specified path to wood surface milling into the required shape and quantity of each milling is usually less than 0. 5 mm, so in fact CNC engraving production efficiency is not high, usually a 800 mm & times; About 100 mm artifacts, normal carving also want one to two hours, and the production process if eat also easy cutting knife or a large amount of cutting waste. In general. The diameter of the cutting tool ( Blade Angle) And step distance according to the degree of fine carving products itself and carving products quality requirements to determine, in quality assurance should choose as far as possible under the condition of large diameter engraving cutter. In actual production, in order to improve the production efficiency, carving town usually consider from two aspects: one is the workpiece on the large area need cutting parts, can be assisted by manual sculpture; Before formal carving, the other is a flat bottom in large diameter carved on mount preliminary carving milling workpiece blank straight knife, form the relatively precise carving blank, so carved when turning depth is small, thus can improve the processing speed of the carving. Only play manual and mechanical engraving, knife and straight knife carving their advantages, can only be engraving equipment maximum efficiency into full play.
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