After the laser marking machine problems should be how to solve

by:Transon     2021-01-11
In order to be able to guarantee the use effect of optical fiber laser marking machine, to make an overall inspection and control, although such devices are now belong to the intelligent device, is ready to adjust the processing is guaranteed. But if you use the equipment in the process of identity film adhesive plate, certainly will affect the work efficiency and subsequent processing is also very trouble. If we really don't want to have a similar problem, must grasp the right solution.

the analysis of the reasons for

now that there is a problem, then certainly should know why will appear this problem, so to be able to go the right way to deal with. Usually because of hot-pressing temperature is very high, or the paint viscosity is bigger, so in the use of optical fiber laser marking machine, may lead to stick version of the situation, may also lead to the film winding on the embossing roller, so will certainly affect the follow-up work. If has this kind of problem, so sure should be promptly processing equipment, so as not to affect the subsequent processing quality.

how to solve the problem of

after found the problem, you must first stop the use of optical fiber laser marking machine, and then go for maintenance. Generally simply to reduce temperature, hot-pressing temperature decrease, basically can solve this problem. But if the temperature is lower, after has not solved this problem, then certainly should do repair work. Because now a lot of brand marking machine is to provide after-sales service, so you just need to contact after-sales service personnel, so deal with the problem are to be more simple.
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