by:Transon     2021-01-11
Gorgeous technology, without a variety of unique exquisite products, plush toys industry. We will sent the kids around the children's day as a lovely Kitty doll, a soft heart pillow, kawaii cartoon bags & hellip; … Then how do you know this kind of plush products precision and mass production?

all this, no doubt, depends on the advanced laser technology. It is because the laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, the development of led plush cloth processing is more and more to the accurate, a large, low-cost direction. Laser equipment factory CMA1810 - such as China V CCD camera positioning of laser cutting machine, is the brand label of textile, embroidery and other special-shaped design is the best choice.

this logo embroidery laser cutting machine is a laser technology, automation technology, the technique of artificial visual intelligent harmony of laser equipment. Application of camera positioning, greatly increase the processing speed and precision of the plush fabric, need only good in computer programming, according to embroider design to cutting without error, it is greatly improve the processing ability of manufacturer. In addition, with the processing of DSP technology, the CCD camera positioning of laser cutting machine can do it fast, continuous, curve cutting function.

it is not hard to see, we are living in an age of laser processing equipment, optical fiber laser cutting machine, aluminum cutting machine, automatic printer, etc. We are all familiar with gradually, also know their profound impact on their respective industries. We also have reason to believe that the CCD camera positioning laser cutting machine also can give a plush products processing and add new breath.
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