by:Transon     2021-01-11
With the development of laser technology, society appeared more and more under the laser processing products, crafts, clothing, bags, metal molds, advertising and other industries, a variety of design is the shape of the products is obvious. So, let's look together in the laser engraving machine under various magic products.

fine accurate & ndash; — The beauty of arts and crafts sculpture
as we all know, arts and crafts is all about machining accuracy and detail, because itself is used for art appreciation or arts and crafts of commemorative value. Therefore, arts and crafts laser engraving machine can also bring unlimited opportunities for arts and crafts processing, wooden, metal, acrylic & hellip; … No matter what material, laser equipment factory of China laser carved machine can achieve the requirement.

fashion generous & ndash; — Dress box of hollow out
the beauty in the world of fashion, all kinds of people like, lace, chiffon, lace, hollow out, and so on, whether it is what kind of style, are related to the United States, to the novel, the unique modern strong pursuit. At this time, the leather laser marking machine, automatic feeding sartorial will become the focus of garment bags processing, without hands only under the condition of computer control, believe that there will be more hollow out fashion appear in public.

precision stability & ndash; — The beauty of the hardware mold of solid
in hardware mold and so on these parts processing industry, because of the materials are all kinds of metal material, so for its high processing requirements. At this time, the advanced metal laser engraving machine, optical fiber laser cutting machine can be well solved the processing problem. Not deformation, durable solid processing method for metal cutting engraving processing have a profound effect.
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