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In December 2015, 14 & ndash; 16, the 22nd guangzhou hotel supplies exhibition in guangzhou. Has brought together more than 100 countries hotel supplies manufacturers and traders to negotiate, attracted numerous hotel supplies processing production equipment manufacturers at home and abroad to visit and show the process.

in order to better display its own equipment for practical use of hotel supplies, China laser carefully prepared CMA1530C - laser equipment factory G - A high-speed optical fiber laser cutting machine, CMA0606C - G - A precision optical fiber laser cutting machine and MF20 - E- A fiber laser marking machine, designed for you laser technology, laser technology designed to show you. Laser equipment factory in China, we sincerely invite you to visit.

'exhibition information time: 14 - December 16
location: China import and export commodities fair pazhou hall 12. Show # 1:2 f08
show no. : 211 - 213/216 - 218
consultation telephone: 0769 - 89838888
exhibition equipment: CMA1530C - G - A high-speed optical fiber laser cutting machine, CMA0606C - G - A precision optical fiber laser cutting machine and MF20 - E- A fiber laser marking machine

A lot of people are confused about, how to use of hotel supplies to laser equipment?
let us have a simple list.
in the product that defend bath, there will be some brand logo design or some product information; In the kitchen utensils and tableware, there will be a lot of stainless steel and other products; There are all kinds of lighting & hellip; … The hotel supplies, some will need laser marking machine for laser printing, some will need to use optical fiber laser cutting machine for cutting stainless steel sculpture, so, these are all need laser equipment for processing.
so, laser equipment factory in China on this exhibition will show great hotel supplies processing technology for everyone.

low participation machine

' CMA1530C- G - A high-speed optical fiber laser cutting machine 】

1, the domestic initiative & other Roller screw + original installation import grinding level gear and rack & throughout; Hybrid transmission components, and through the precision collimator a lot of time playing table assembly
2, USES the crossbeam structure USES the modular design, with aviation aluminum control process and secondary finishing milling processing and manufacturing, the interior of the hollow beam using the built-in stiffener, greatly improve the speed of dynamic response.
3, using enhanced welding lathe bed, after the tempering process and vibration aging eliminating stress for large gantry milling machine milling processing, ensure the long-term stability of the machine tool is not out of shape.
4, the brand and the power of the fiber laser can be selected according to the actual needs of customers, reduce customer investment costs.

【 CMA0606C- G - A precision optical fiber laser cutting machine 】

the gantry double servo drive system, machine tool motion mechanism used grinding machine screw transmission, integration structure design, the overall layout is compact, rational, cover an area of an area small, ensure the machine run high speed and high precision, excellent cutting performance make it widely used in precision machinery hardware, the microelectronics industry with relatively high accuracy requirement such as the cutting on the machining process.

【 MF20 - E- A fiber laser marking machine 】

the laser marking machine based on the domestic mainstream market, allocation of the Chinese laser equipment factory OEM core optical fiber laser and its device, improve the adaptability and maintainability, greatly reduce the cost of the product. Company independent research and development at the same time, the configuration of the whole digital high-speed marking control card and the upper software with powerful function, can meet the needs of different industries metal laser marking, laser marking of plastic, food and beverage packaging marking and so on the many kinds of marking application.

laser equipment factory professional laser equipment manufacturer in China, products are co2 laser marking machine, uv laser marking machine, laser engraving machine and so on.
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