by:Transon     2021-01-11
Recently, never stop on the study of laser technology, a new laser drying technology has the attention of people, because it can greatly reduce electricity cost and raise the production efficiency of the battery. It is focused on the electrode layer of high efficiency and energy saving drying performance, also known as slurry, the electrode layer is used in the production of the battery wet chemical processes in the process of current conduction metal foil. So far, have been used for continuous heating furnace of removing solvent in the drying process is included in the pulp.

energy consumption by half

cost-effective: the lithium battery dry half the energy used in production

engineer to design a set of online program and fiber laser module drying, and is called the roll to roll factory passed the initial test. Slurry direct absorption of laser radiation to surrounding environment to minimize the heat loss of the drying process USES only half of continuous heating furnace energy. Two institutions also showed that fiber laser dry electrode can be used to build a reasonable battery.

this is to use the laser technology expertise run technology into the photonic technology and equipment to the actual production. The project focuses on the thin film technology of lithium solid-state batteries industrial continuous production, is the purpose of the current project made is called the roll to roll process chain on previously used vacuum method, the project will continue until 2017.

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