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The 17th session of China international hi-tech fair Hereinafter referred to as & other; Shenzhen & throughout; ) In November 16 to 21, 2015 held in shenzhen convention and exhibition center, laser laser equipment factory in China to lead a stellar product held ( The booth no. : 2 f08) 。

with & other; Science and technology of China no. 1 & throughout; The CHTF, every November 16 solstice 21 will be grand opening in shenzhen. China laser laser equipment factory has exhibition, shenzhen many times. Display cutting-edge industrial laser equipment, to show the global customers the latest technology, laser equipment factory laser warmly invite you to visit China.

[ China laser equipment factory exhibition information] Name:

show China hi-tech fair
time: 16 - November 21,
exhibition, shenzhen convention and exhibition centre, 2 f08
consultation telephone: 0769 - 89838888
exhibition equipment: MUV5 - B - A uv laser marking, MF20 - E optical fiber laser marking machine, CMA0604 - B - A general laser cutting machine

[ CMA0604- B - A general laser cutting machine]

performance upgrade universal laser cutting machine, the cutting is more stable, smooth, cutting effect is better, is your good choice. The general laser cutting machine adopts the leading smooth s-shaped speed control software, with automatic droop compensation, the optical coupling isolation system such as technology, makes the laser cutting machine performance excellence.

[ MUV5 - B - A uv laser marking machine]

the superior performance of purple light imported laser and digital high speed scanning galvanometer, reliable quality, good beam quality, focus on the spot, which can realize hyperfine laser marking; Heat affected zone is small, can effectively avoid material damage; Wide application materials, make up for the inadequacy of infrared laser processing capacity, can be applied to laser marking special materials.

[ MF20 - E optical fiber laser marking machine]

the marking machine based on the domestic mainstream market, configuration is the Chinese laser equipment factory OEM core optical fiber laser and its device, improve the adaptability and maintainability, greatly reduce the cost of the product. Company independent research and development at the same time, the configuration of the whole digital high-speed marking control card and the upper software with powerful function, can meet the needs of different industries metal laser marking, laser marking of plastic, food and beverage packaging marking and so on the many kinds of marking application.
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