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Recent greeting way something like this: did you see the beauty team 3? B: yes. How to? Accidentally fell asleep, wake up to see the super heroes in ou warmly. … …

but today, here we would like to tell everyone: super heroes ou each other is not important, the car is important; The car hidden inside & other; Airbag laser cutting machine & throughout; Mystery, the more important.

diffuse power fans, this should be a big pleasure in her arms, because in addition to various superhero show great god skill, the audi car company also threw a lot of new car, brush refresh from the start to the end, let a person as if in fast and furious. So, let's learn the heroes are & other; The configuration & throughout; What's the car.

in the first place, to see captain America & ndash; — Audi SQ7.

when the years of a biker, cast and finally decided to improve the welfare of the American team, with a new sports performance version of the audi SQ7 to him. The positioning in large SUV carrying equipped with electronic new 4 of the turbocharger. 0 V8 tdi diesel engine, the maximum power output of 435 horsepower, matching speed Tiptronic transmission, and the muscles to the beauty of sliding sideways and airbag laser cutting machine are suitable.

come again and look at the iron man & ndash; — The audi R8 V10.

appearance looks very liao SAO R8, was in line with the iron man rich second generation's temperament. This is the audi in production models to the supercar levels of the car, was welcomed by the masses of the people after launch, a new generation of R8 adopted the new appearance design, and more aluminum and carbon fiber composite material, whole body than previously lost 50 kg. As sexy R8, absolutely is a stunner in supercar.

new panther & ndash; — Audi's prologue concept car.

this is a concept car! Now that is a concept car, the appearance of cool nature is essential, new superhero panther standing beside the car, but no acosmia feeling. Sports luxury coupe positioning and make more movement and the integral design of the prologue that occupy the home. On the car, you can feel a new generation of audi A6, A7, A8 design language. Power, the car carry four. 0 tfsi turbocharged engine, the maximum power of 677 horsepower. Believe that under the effect of airbag laser cutting machine, that is more secure.

3 agents ( The team's girlfriend) — — Audi A4 Sedan

the cast to trained and proficient in all kinds of weapons and vehicles 13 agents equipped with brand new audi A4 Sedan. Slightly increased body size than the previous generation, but reduces the weight of 120 kg, this is one of the window of the car. Highlight of another, is the wind resistance coefficient of A4 Sedan, the wind resistance coefficient of the audi car the car down to zero. 23, such low wind resistance, energy conservation and emissions reduction is no problem. To put it bluntly, this is a covered with car shell, with the sports car the car of the kernel, low-key, is congenial with 13 agents temperament is a bit?

as diffuse annual drama, diffuse and Disney spent two and a half years, deduced a movie & other; Friendship boat said turn on & throughout; In the story. Super heroes in this story, however, ou actually is not important, important is handsome hit not bad robustness, crashed after have to safe.

but, that's just comic, screen in the structure of the heroes. In real life, we still have to pay attention to driving safety, obey the traffic rules, not on the rampage, do civilization driving. To say what hidden mystery, however, it should be hidden here head airbags laser cutting machine and processing of the airbag.

is a kind of passive safety airbag system ( See the auto safety performance) Protection system, it is used with the seat belt, can provide effective impact protection for crew. In a car crash, the car airbags can make head injury rate decreased by 25%, facial injury rate reduce about 80%. So, to make the drivers and riders have more security configuration, automobile manufacturing industry now pay more and more attention to the processing and use of airbags.

to this end, China automation laser equipment manufacturing experts & ndash; — China laser laser equipment factory try our best to provide the safety for car industry, the most appropriate processing technology. Therefore, after rising, this CMA2425C - GF - A airbag laser cutting machine soon & other; The way & throughout; 。 Safety, precision, like flood of super hero to protect the security of the car. Finally, a brief description on the device:

1, longmen rack double servo motor drive, belt transmission;
2, fully enclosed mobile flight path, stable light path, with the light of the lower power loss,
3, the machine adopts automatic lubrication system, achieve 24-hour cutting;
4, an open CNC system Germany, customizable user interface.
5, Germany Rofin DC series rf CO2 laser tube, metal has higher beam quality, ensure the effect of cutting materials.

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