by:Transon     2021-01-11
Laser marking machine which good? 3 d laser marking machine to see laser equipment factory in China!

in recent years, 3 d marking technology has been used very widely. This technology is introduced in the 80 s is becoming more and more mature, it gradually change the business model and industry chain of the society. The rapid rise of the 3 d laser marking machine bring revolutionary change to the market, are widely used in industrial manufacturing, aerospace, metal mould, lighting lamps, car processing, advertising, handicrafts and so on.

as China automation laser equipment manufacturing experts and the industry leader, China laser equipment factory group of 3 d laser marking machine is greatly promote the development of industry technological progress. Next, simple, please have a look at our Chinese laser MF50 - laser equipment factory D - A 3 d laser marking machine has three characteristics:

1, 3 d three-dimensional surface marking: three-dimensional laser marking function, 3 d surfaces can within the scope of 60 mm height is focused on the fine spot, make laser marking effect is consistent;

2, large-format marking perfect do: 60 mm height range & other; Wayward & throughout; Marking, and the light spot fine, consistent distance laser marking effect;

3, triaxial dynamic focusing technology: advanced digital triaxial dynamic focusing technology, arbitrary zoom, real-time control, with high performance fiber laser, and thick marble table, make the whole machine performance is stable, marking speed and marking effect is good.

so, with more than a few advantages, China laser equipment factory of 3 d laser marking machine can achieve perfect fine carving.

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