by:Transon     2021-01-11
Chassis, generally including shell, support, on the front panel switch, indicator light, etc. As a part of computer accessories, its main role is placed and fixed computer accessories, each have a retainer and protection effect. Chassis cabinets, therefore, the use of laser cutting machine is very important.

chassis cabinets, laser cutting machine is the chassis using optical fiber laser cutting machine for cutting. Cut the pieces of metal material into the case the required size, then made into a chassis cabinets. Chassis quality directly affected by manufacturing process quality, high technology of chassis plate edge won't flush the phenomenon such as burrs, sharp mouth, burr, and exposed edges are processed by ruffled, not easy scratches machine hand. As a result, more and more common manufacturers use high-quality laser equipment chassis rack cutting.

China laser equipment factories, optical fiber laser cutting machine is used as a chassis rack cutting tool, is in line with market development and process requirements. Because, chassis cabinets are mostly made from sheet metal, and fiber laser is suitable for metal materials such as cutting engraving processing. Laser equipment factory CMA1530C - China GH - Surrounded by A whole optical fiber laser cutting machine, CMA1530C - G - A high-speed optical fiber laser cutting machine and so on all is after many years of careful research and development, and roller screw + original installation import grinding level gear and rack & throughout; Hybrid transmission component, the whole machine adopts reinforced welding lathe bed, after the tempering process, and vibration aging eliminating stress for large gantry milling machine milling & hellip; …

these, is China's laser laser equipment factory equipment incomparable advantage to others. Therefore, China laser equipment factory of chassis cabinets, laser cutting machine is your wise choice.

laser equipment factory professional laser equipment manufacturer in China, products are co2 laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, uv laser marking machine, etc.
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