by:Transon     2021-01-11
Nowadays, the society into the era of informatization, the development of science and technology, automation. All kinds of mobile phones, computers, tablets, house-to-house into people's horizons. As a high-tech precision of touch screen, even more so. So, high precision laser cutting machine laser equipment factory in China, be the first choice of the user process.

in the life, we will see a lot of touch screen, in addition to often use computer mobile phone LCD screen, in some public areas such as shopping malls or Banks, will have to provide information query of touch screen, and in the field of office, military guidance, KTV entertainment places, real estate sales, also can have various forms of touch screen devices. At this point, cutting processing is the chief concern of the manufacturer of touch screen. While the high precision laser cutting machine, absolute can help to you. Touch screen as a kind of new computer input device, it is one of the most simple, convenient and natural way of human-computer interaction. Laser cutting machine and touch screen is also as a kind of precision, high speed processing equipment, become the new favorite of the broad masses of manufacturers.

for example, China laser equipment factory of 6050 d high precision laser cutting machine, the effective width of about 600 * 500 mm, adopted imported precision grinding anti-backlash high-precision linear guide and ball screw drive system, so in the process of high-speed operation of the work can still keep smooth, high precision, low noise. Are applicable for all kinds of thin film materials, electronic industry, advertising industry, automobile instrument industry, etc are used to this kind of advanced equipment, and with metal laser engraving machine, aluminum cutting machine, automatic printer, etc. The potential of the market power.
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