by:Transon     2021-01-08
Portable laser marking machine, also called handheld laser marking machine. It is a large parts in order to solve the existing laser tag is difficult. Machine main box with computer cabinet and convenient, the operator can hold to operate, flexible in all directions for large mechanical parts for marking.

in order to comply with the demand of the market, China laser equipment factory as early as a few years ago has started to develop all kinds of portable laser marking machine. Especially new MF20 - last year P - B and MF20 - P - C the two small portable laser marking machine, get people's love deeply. Next, we'll recommend MF20 - key P - B the laser equipment.

【 MF20 - P - B hand-held laser marking machine features 】 Characteristics:

1. The core device of high performance, the machine performance is stable;
2. Marking speed, high efficiency and high precision;
3. Fully enclosed design, safe and environmental protection;
4. For regular planar marking, but also to hand-held mobile marking;
5. Good beam quality, small focal sp.

low structural characteristics:
1. Armed with marking light path, can be convenient for marking;
2. Radiation protection cavity, effectively prevent the damage;
3. Whole body sheet metal welding and become, firm structure, good appearance;
4. Lift the handwheel, convenient lift;
5. Portable laser marking machine the machine is small, can be convenient to move;
6. Up and down sliding door structure, save a space.
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