1325 small CNC engraving machine characteristics and technical parameters

by:Transon     2020-04-22
1325 small CNC engraving machine has the following characteristics: 1, the software control spindle operation, automation, low noise, strong strength, long service life. 2, high speed, high efficiency, idle speed can reach more than 20 m/min. 3, double motor drive, double gear transmission, the strength is big, smooth transmission, guarantee the long time in the operation of the high speed without shaking. 4, steel structure as a whole, support, tolerance, on average, can reduce the deformation. Applicable industries: advertisement, big cutting plate making hole shape literally cutting/LED neon lights trough type blister light boxes production molds, etc. Small CNC engraving machine no. : ZD6090 ZD1215 ZD1218 ZD1224 ZD1325 technology parameters, the spindle spindle speed 0 - power 1500 w 24000 RPM engraving area: 1200 * 2400 mm minimum forming words: 1 mm in English and Chinese characters 2 mm engraving speed: 5 - 60000 mm/min drive mode: repositioning precision digital subdivision stepper driver: + 0. 1 mm cooling way: forced circulation water cooling working voltage: AC220V plus or minus 10%, 50 hz machine size: 1550 * 3100 mm total power: & lt; 1000 W the weight: 850 kg working temperature: 0 45 ℃ resolution of 0. 1毫米
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