What are the common doubts about the grounding of stone engraving machines?

by:Transon     2020-03-18
When we use stone engraving machines, we usually need to work on grounding, but many people still have some questions about the grounding of stone engraving machines, therefore, it is not so smooth when using it. Next, let Xiao Bian answer everyone's doubts about the grounding of stone engraving machines one by one. Stone engraving machine grounding purposes generally have three: A, weaken the intensity of some interference. For example, grounding can drain the static electricity on the shell of stone engraving machine and shield some electromagnetic interference. However, grounding cannot eliminate interference, because there are various forms of interference, so relying on grounding to ensure the stability of stone engraving machine is a negative method, because grounding can only make the stone engraving machine less likely to make mistakes, but the root cause is still the disease. B. Maintain equipment safety and personal safety. For example, the wire of 220V alternating current inside the stone engraving machine falls off and is put on the casing, which has 220V alternating current. At this time, the operator touches the casing and may be electrocuted, and there will be no such danger after grounding. Another example is that there is too much static electricity on the casing, which will cause numbness when people touch it. If the static electricity accumulation is too high and discharges to the main board of the stone engraving machine, the main board may be damaged and the safety of the equipment may be threatened. C, can prevent lightning strike to a certain extent, protect equipment. The grounding method is very simple: AC power outlets generally have three lines [Zero line, live line, ground line] Therefore, the three-core power cord is plugged into the three-core power socket and the ground is already connected. However, in some occasions, the alternating current may only have two wires, but there is no ground wire, and then it has to be manually grounded. Pull the ground wire from the chassis (Thicker is better), Just tie it to the tap water pipe. Electronic equipment generally requires grounding, because grounding can make electronic equipment work better and contribute to personal safety and equipment safety. However, the vast majority of electronic equipment can work stably without grounding, such as civil electricity. Many people Reagan did not have a ground wire, but electronic products such as televisions, stereos, computers and microwave ovens are also in use, therefore, there are often problems without grounding. Electronic products that cannot work normally are unqualified electronic products. However, users should remember that safe use of electricity requires grounding, anti-interference is only a secondary purpose of grounding, and the purpose of safe use of electricity is the main purpose of grounding. These are some of the most common doubts about grounding work encountered by stone engraving machine users. I don't know if you understand it after reading it.
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