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Don't know how to use the stone carving machine, don't panic, jia bang to help you!

by:Transon     2020-04-26
As a carve stone material production factory boss, I believe lightly should probably have similar problems, how to use stone carving machine, can make life a little longer? What the hell should I do? Don't worry, today will give you analyze when the time comes you naturally know how to get it? 1, the theoretical basis: the training must begin from theory training, the operator must can be carried out at the bottom of the theoretical examination through the actual operation training. If theory training didn't pass, resolute can't operate training. 2, stone carving machine tool use question: after the theory training, must be trained in the cutting tool. The operator to the common tool, sculpture, motor speed, speed, matters needing attention, etc. , must be clear, the operator must be familiar with the application of the cutting tool. 3, the application range of the stone: the application range of the operators must be familiar with all kinds of materials, familiar with different material and different thickness, different size of the finished product, etc. Familiar with different ways of material of different engraving. 4, stone carving machine of various software operation: after the training through the above training software. Software training mainly focus on the user application field; Software requirements for: various typesetting software, all kinds of operation, path generation, can quickly find out the path error, etc. A, continuous running time under 10 hours a day, ensure the normal work of the cooling water clean and the water pump, must not water shortage phenomenon in a spindle motor, regular replacement of cooling water, in order to prevent the water temperature is too high. If working environment temperature is too low in winter can replace the water inside cistern with antifreeze. Second, each machine after use, should pay attention to clean up, be sure to clean up the dust on the platform and the transmission system, on a regular basis ( A week) The drive system ( Three axis X, Y, Z) Lubricating oil. ( Note: X, Y, Z three axis polished rod with oil for maintenance; Add the butter screw rod part; Winter if working environment fully automatic computer engraving machine low temperature screw, polished rod ( Square guide or circular guide) First part should use gasoline to wash clean, then add oil, otherwise it will cause machine transmission part of the resistance is too large and cause dislocation. ) Three, to keep keep checking is electronics, must cut off power supply, to monitor display and main circuit power supply after lights out, computer woodworking engraving machine can be carried out. It is a good equipment is also need to pay attention to use rules, so in the daily use must pay attention to the use of rules, in order to avoid machine malfunction, hold up your time!
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